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Back to School with the SwissBorg Academy!

Back to School with the SwissBorg Academy!

The SwissBorg Academy is Open! We are very proud and excited about this announcement simply because it fulfils one of our most important missions: educating the public. At SwissBorg, we aim to make wealth management accessible to everyone and believe that financial education will play a pivotal role in onboarding the next generation of crypto investors.

In this first version of the SwissBorg Academy, you will be able to select educational content about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Simply pick your level of knowledge and explore topics such as Web 3.0, DeFi investing, NFTs, Ethereum PoS Merge and more. From basic information about different tokens and projects to the inner workings of crypto market capitalisation and all that Web3 will bring, we have educational content for all levels of knowledge and curiosity. You can be a complete newcomer to the digital asset world or a crypto OG; at SwissBorg academy, there’s something to learn and discover for everyone!

Beginners, intermediate and advanced investors alike can learn from our team of experts through written and video content. We aim to produce content that is easy to consume for newbies to the space, but we also cater to the crypto cognoscenti with in-depth analysis and research that can expand their knowledge of the field. 

The content is available in 3 languages: English, German and French. Not all articles are translated yet, but the most important ones are here to help you in your quest to expand your crypto knowledge.

It is no secret that at SwissBorg, we take fun seriously. With education especially, it is important to ensure the student doesn’t get tired or bored, so you can be sure that gamification will play an important role in our pedagogic process. We’re planning to add reviews, quizzes, and rewards to move the SwissBorg academy towards a learn-to-earn experience.

This is a first step towards reaching our ambition of becoming one of the best in the field of crypto education. In our ongoing efforts to merge blockchain technologies and financial expertise, we’ve partnered with world-class business management and finance universities, such as EDHEC , in France and plan on more collaboration with institutes of higher learning. 

Browse our library, and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have. As is usual with SwissBorg, we value and encourage your feedback to build better products. Follow us on Twitter, get the latest updates, discover new articles and be the first to know about new academy releases. 

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