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Agora Alpha Deal

Agora Alpha Deal - A unique investment opportunity

A new era of GameFi

The mission of Agora is simple: connect the most promising GameFi project with gamers and investors worldwide and push the adoption curve of blockchain gaming a step further. Hence, when we look at the current GameFi landscape , we note that the market opportunity is significant.

Market overview

The video game industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1970s, with Atari credited for releasing the first game, Pong. As of mid-2020, Fortnite had been played for a cumulative total of 3.8 billion days, which equates to 10.4 million years. 

According to a report from Newzoo , we see that in 2023, there is more than 3.3 billion gamers worldwide with more than half coming from the Asia-Pacific region. Now when we consider that the next generations are going to devote much more time than us to digital experiences (they will grow up with them), there’s a lot of reason to believe that the gaming industry will continue to boom.

2023 global players
Source: Newzoo

Further , we note that the total revenue from the gaming industry in 2023 was around $184 billion and was dominated by mobile games.

2023 global games market
Source: Newzoo

This industry is already huge and with the projected growth, it is fair to assume that we are going to witness the emergence of totally new types of games in the coming years. In fact, Gaming typically goes through paradigm shifts where every 15/20 years the types of games change, and everything in between changes. In our view , the rise of Play-To-Own will be similar to the rise of Free-to-Play 15 years ago.

Gaming industry transformation timetable
Source: SwissBorg End of the Year Report

Web 3.0 Games - An emerging verticals

Over the next 10 years, there is a strong case to be made that most games will incorporate web3 tech and ownership layers, enabling web3 to become a dominant business model in gaming. In fact, investors are betting big on this sector. After infrastructure, it is the sector that attracts the highest funding , with cumulative investment amounts of $16.3 billion from 2021 to 2023.

Gaming/NFT attracting most investment after infrastructure in 2021
Source: Xangle

Moreover, the blockchain gaming market volume has grown at an annual average rate of 58%, and this trend will likely continue as more and more investors understand the mass adoption potential of the crypto-gaming industry .

Blockchain gaming market volume and growth
Source: Xangle

While Web 3.0 games started to boom in 2021, especially with the NFT mania , their limited design and questionable tokenomics were unsustainable. Let’s face it, this first generation of games were much more for DeFi traders , whose sole motivation for engaging in the games was money with games like Axie Infinity or other Pay-to-Earn models.

But this is changing.

Axie Infinity daily active users
Source: Axie Infinity (Part 2): Redemption or Ruin?

We believe that the next generation of Web 3.0 games will be driven by real gamers, real experiences, and real infrastructure that welcome the next generation of gamers on the blockchain.

For this vision to materialise, we need projects that connect every stakeholder in a single hub and this is the opportunity behind Agora.

Agora - A GameFi hub

Agora strategy is to redefine the GameFi experience of users with its 3 core products:

Agora - A GameFi hub

Cross-Chain DEX

Agora's decentralised exchange, AgoraDEX, is a testament to the platform's commitment to innovation and democratisation of the gaming sector. It is built upon the robust framework of Uniswap V2 and offers unique features like cross-chain token swaps, staking, and liquidity pools, all with low slippage and enhanced user efficiency. This ensures that gamers and investors alike have access to a liquid market for their assets, which is essential for the success of any GameFi project.

Liquidity management is enhanced through AI. By analysing market conditions and predicting trends, Agora's AI liquidity optimiser enables providers to strategically position their assets within the market, ensuring maximum capital efficiency and minimised slippage.

Digital Identity

One of the main barriers to entry in GameFi is the UX (User Experience) and it is in that spirit that this product has been designed. To guarantee an unparalleled UX, every user on Agora will have access to a one-for-all blockchain agnostic digital identity pass. This allows seamless authentication across different games, easy and efficient in-game transactions and many more features that improve the user's journey into GameFi.

The Loot Box System

The standout feature of Agora is its gamified launchpad : the Loot Box System, which offers a novel approach to project launches. Powered by smart contract technology compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the Loot Box implements NFTs with lottery logic.

Each Loot Box is essentially an NFT that can turn into rare items, tokens, or even lottery tickets unlocking the access to amazing jackpots, creating a raft where users can never lose. 

This innovative product enables all kinds of new features. Notably, it allows gaming projects to get funded directly by their target audience, democratising the game development process, in a way never seen before.

A Tier-1 Team & Advisors

Agora team and advisors

AGA - The blood of Agora’s ecosystem

AGA is the native token of the Agora ecosystem and holders are entitled to a wide range of privileges in the Agora ecosystem. The main ones includes: 

  • Staking rewards: Lock in your AGA tokens to get different reward opportunities that include: trading fees from Agora DEX, yield from the Loot Box system, access to exclusive opportunities, and more. 
  • Liquidity provisions: Liquidity providers will also earn a percentage of the protocol trading fees charged in all transactions in the Agora DEX.
  • Discount on Purchases: Enjoy exclusive discounts on Loot Box purchases, making each transaction more rewarding.
  • Governance Rights: Have a voice in the future of Agora. Your stake in AGA tokens means a stake in decision-making processes.


AGA token

An exclusive investment opportunity

The Agora Alpha Opportunity is a particular kind of deal. Instead of simply investing in the project at an attractive valuation and with a given distribution schedule, we are offering our users the opportunity to become market-makers. We’ve covered in depth how that works and the main benefits of this type of deal in this article .

But back to Agora, the structure of this Alpha Opportunity will look like this:

Structure of the Agora Alpha Opportunity

This is the theoretical payoff of this deal in AGA and USDc (omitting trading fees) at the end of the full distribution of period of 12 month for 1 USDc invested:

Theoretical payoff of the Agora Alpha Deal


What is an Alpha Early Deal?

SwissBorg’s Early Deals is a launchpad-type solution where everyday people can engage in opportunities previously exclusive to elite investors. The opportunities range from investing in a project’s token before the Token Generation Event (TGE) or participating in over-the-counter (OTC) deals where you can buy the tokens with a certain discount. 

What is liquidity providing (LP)?

Liquidity providing (LP) involves depositing assets into a liquidity pool to facilitate trading between two different assets without the need for a traditional order book. The LP stands for liquidity providing, liquidity providers or liquidity pool. 

What is an LP token?

An LP token is a receipt given to liquidity providers for their contributions to a liquidity pool. These tokens represent the provider's share in the pool and can be used to claim their original stake and any interest earned. LP tokens can also be used for various purposes such as compounding interest in a yield farm , collateral when taking out crypto loans or transferring ownership of the staked liquidity.

How do LPs make income from trading?

Liquidity providers earn income from trading in two main ways - trading fees & yield farming. The LPs earn a small fee for each trade that occurs within the liquidity pool they have provided liquidity to. By depositing their LP tokens into yield farms, liquidity providers can earn additional rewards in the form of tokens. These rewards are generated from the fees collected by the liquidity pool.

What does it mean that a liquidity pool is incentivised?

An incentivised liquidity pool offers additional rewards to liquidity providers beyond just the standard trading fees. The reward incentives are typically distributed with additional tokens.

How can I become eligible for this deal?

There are multiple vaults via which you can access the Agora Alpha deal. To access the Premium vaults, you need to lock up a minimum 2000 BORG tokens to unlock the Community premium. To be eligible for the Top BORG vault, you need to hold at least 22.000 BORG tokens across in the app. To be eligible for the LootBox vault, you need to purchase at least 2 loot boxes, which will be available for purchase in the app 2 days before the Alpha Deal. 

What are the vesting terms of the Agora Alpha Deal? What happens after 12 months?

The AGA tokens purchased in this Alpha Deal will be deposited into an AGA/USDC liquidity pool. The tokens will be used to provide liquidity on the AGA/USDC pair. After the 12 months, the tokens will be withdrawn and put back into the SwissBorg account of the users. 

What are the risks associated with liquidity providing ?

While there is a risk of hacking in liquidity providing, the protocol chosen Uniswap is a resilient platform with a track record of withstanding various security incidents. Despite the potential risks, Uniswap's robustness and community support make it a trusted platform for decentralised trading . You also have the risk of impermanent loss .

What is impermanent loss ?

Impermanent loss refers to the temporary loss of value experienced by liquidity providers in automated market maker (AMM) protocols like Uniswap. This loss occurs when the prices of the assets in the liquidity pool change relative to each other after liquidity has been provided. As a result, the value of the assets held in the liquidity pool may be lower compared to if the liquidity providers had simply held the assets in their wallets.

Disclaimer: The information contained in or provided from or through this article (the "Article") is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice, trading advice, or any other type of advice, and should not be interpreted or understood as any form of promotion, recommendation, inducement, offer or invitation to (i) buy or sell any product, (ii) carry out transactions, or (iii) engage in any other legal transaction. This article should be considered as marketing material and not as the result of financial research/independent investments.
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