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Alpha Opportunity - ChronoForge: The Intersection of AI and Gaming

Alpha Opportunity - ChronoForge: The Intersection of AI and Gaming

Key Takeaways

  • The ChronoForge Alpha opportunity offers an exciting chance to invest in a promising web3 AI gaming project and secure an exclusive allocation to the RIFT token, the utility token powering ChronoForge.
  • Soon available on the Epic Games Store, ChronoForge is a promising free to play multiplayer RPG web3 game with built-in AI character generation for unique personas and gameplay scenarios. This places the project at the convergence of two thriving narratives: AI and GameFi.
  • The product is structured around three core pillars: ensuring game quality and accessibility, leveraging in-game asset utility, and implementing tunable systems for the supply and consumption of digital assets.
  • RIFT plays a key role in the ChronoForge economy and incentivizes players and contributors rightly. Further, the two year vesting period of the team is aligned for the long term health of the project.
  • ChronoForge is backed by a team of approximately 30 professionals with expertise in both arts, gaming and AI industries. Moreover, the team is actively expanding, particularly in the AI engineering department, underscoring their commitment to delivering a truly unique product.

The confluence of two growing narratives

ChronoForge is a multiplayer role-playing web3 game (RPG) that integrates AI character generation mechanism to allow users to create unique personas and gameplay scenarios. As such, this project aims to create a unique and interactive entertainment experience and is built around two key narratives: AI and GameFi.

GameFi unveiled

Crypto gaming started to get a lot of hype in the previous bull run, with projects such as Axie Infinity. However, the sector was hit hard during the last bear market. Despite this, investment in the crypto gaming sector remained resilient. Between 2021 and 2023, web3 gaming garnered the second-highest funding volume, totaling $16.3 billion in cumulative investment.

Investment into blockchain industry blew up in 2021 with Game/NFT attracting most investment after infrastructure
Source: Xangle

Moreover, the blockchain gaming market volume has grown at an annual average rate of 58%, and this trend will likely continue as more and more investors understand the mass adoption potential of the crypto-gaming industry. 

Blockchain gaming market volume and growth
Source: Xangle

Crypto gaming is based on the promise that blockchain technology can empower gamers to have true ownership of their gaming assets and participate in new digital economies. Although the GameFi sector has yet to witness its groundbreaking moment with a true killer game, it is one of the most trending narratives in crypto and there are promising signs that web3 games are nearly ready to compete with their web2 counterpart. 

A noteworthy example is the Epic Games Store in the United States, which currently features approximately 70 blockchain games, with this number rapidly expanding. This suggests a strong acceptance and integration of web3 gaming within mainstream platforms. As a result, the GameFi sector appears well-positioned as it enters 2024, and this positive trend could well benefit ChronoForge.

The generative AI hype

By now, it is impossible to ignore the AI revolution taking place. The range of applications are mind blowing and there are enough early indicators that suggest profound societal shifts ahead. 

No wonder how ChatGPT had the fastest adoption among consumer products in history, scaling to 100 millions users in 2 months. In contrast, it took facebook 1500 days to reach the same user count.

N. of days to 1M and 100M users by technology
Source: Medium

Moreover, when considering ARK’s estimation that training model performance could increase by a factor of 5x in 2024 alone, it becomes evident to think that generative AI will unlock a wide range of use cases. In the upcoming years, it would not be surprising to witness the emergence of several multi-billion-dollar companies built upon foundational AI models.

Model training performance gains
Source: ARK Research

Looking ahead it seems the boom of generative AI set the stage for a new wave of human-to-computer relations. We like to refer to this as the “1 Human = 1 unique interface” revolution. In this paradigm, each individual has their own distinct digital environment, customised to their preferences, needs, and behaviours.

Source: SwissBorg
Source: SwissBorg

As such, it seems unlikely that this trend is going away and it could be argued that, in the future, projects leveraging generative AI will represent a significant market opportunity. ChronoForge appears to align well with this narrative as one of its future goals is to leverage generative AI to make every playable character and missions unique.

An overview of ChronoForge


Fast-paced combat combined with player-triggered world events

ChronoForge challenges the familiar ‘greed is good’ RPG experience with an MMO-scale (Massively multiplayer online games) social experiment that gives real consequence to collective player decisions.

The Mission

Players gear up with 12 combat classes to battle exotic foes through time - from dinosaurs to space raiders. Raiding and open world mini-games are used to upgrade community-governed airships known as ‘trading companies’ for top tier crafting.

The Catch?

In a ‘global prisoner’s dilemma’, players vote weekly to decide whether to attack rivals, ban harmful tech or risk a global apocalypse by activating their ChronoForge to smelt the best gear.

A novel feature in development - Mind Tome AI

One novel feature of ChronoForge is that it leverages generative AI to make every playable character in the game a deep AI persona. Their future AI enabled workflow will lead to interactive AI characters that can be specifically trained as well as powerful new game mechanics that modify NPC (Non-Player-Character) actions.

Following this, missions are dynamic and evolve depending on the character backstory, ambitions and relationships with requesting players. This approach allows for millions of possible unique missions and experiences, in contrast to the traditionally programmed games that might have only a few hundred missions at most.

Chronoforge players

This feature is quite unique in the web3 gaming space and represents one of ChronoForge unique value propositions. However, it is worth noting that this is still in development and is expected to be released only in the next 3 to 6 months.

A strong web3 gaming economy

ChronoForge aims to build a long lasting NFT gaming ecosystem that draws both web2 and web3 users. To do that, this project strategies is centered into three main pillars:

  • Game quality and accessibility: ChronoForge has developed a free to play high fidelity 3D world with real time multiplayer combat and accessible gameplay experiences. As such, this design is conceived to appeal to the largest addressable markets of all games in web3. 
  • In-game asset utility: Digital assets are a key part of ChronoForge ecosystem. This includes exquisite playable characters, mounts, gear, pets and airships. Moreover, players have the opportunity to build their own gameplay utility assets in the form of NFTs

  • Tunable systems of supply and consumption: Every aspect of the games digital assets supply in the game scales appropriately with player activity levels - from crafting item drop rates that vary based on item circulation, to $RIFT rewards tied to player participation in game governance.

A tier-1 team & support

With collaboration from Australian based gaming studio: Minted Loot Studios, and Malaysian development company: Ammobox Studios, ChronoForge is composed of around 30 artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs working hand in hand. In addition to that, additional funding will be used to increase the team especially on the AI engineering side to improve the current features of the game.



Token Utility

RIFT is the token behind ChronoForge and the utility of the token is as follows: 

Gameplay governance & incentive: RIFT will be distributed to players who hold powerful assets or achievements in the game - for instance defeating a given boss. Moreover, the token will be used as an incentive to vote on trading companies.

Third-party games and incentives: RIFT grants will provide the ChronoForge ecosystem with additional games, tooling, mods, or game assets.

Economy: The ChronoForge gaming economy will be powered by $RIFT as players will be required to burn the token to mint or NFTs or to fuse different character items. Furthermore, some exclusive game scenarios will be only obtainable with $RIFT and players will have the opportunity to convert server-based game items obtained through game achievements into NFTs, tradeable between players.

Initial Token Distribution

RIFT will have a maximum supply of 100 million tokens and the initial distribution is as follows:

ChronoForge supply
Source: ChronoForge

Vesting period

ChronoForge vesting period
Source: ChronoForge

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