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How borgers yield: 18 months of Smart Yield

On 14th December, 2020, SwissBorg launched our first, game-changing, Smart Yield wallet on USDC. After recently hitting the 18-month anniversary of the launch, and with the launch of SwissBorg Earn approaching #soon, what better time to look back at how our community has been yielding?

The growth of Smart Yield 

Since the launch of USDC Smart Yield, we have added yield wallets to another 19 tokens in the app. This includes top-10 tokens, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB, as well as USD and EUR-based stablecoins, and a range of our favourite projects, like Polygon, Avalanche and more. (Note that we’re not including CHSB in this analysis, because the CHSB Yield 2.0 program is separate from Smart Yield.)

In that time, 67,198 borgers have opened Smart Yield wallets, with a total of 310,085 wallets. The best part? They have earnt 38,747,445 by simply hodling their cryptos in yield wallets!

Who’s earning with Smart Yield?

When it comes to who’s yielding, the countries with the most people with Smart Yield wallets are:

  • France - 22,993 yolders
  • Switzerland - 15,538 yolders
  • UK - 11,838 yolders
  • Belgium - 3,276  yolders
  • Germany - 2,384 yolders

Meanwhile, the top countries based on earnings are:

  • Switzerland: $10.2 million earned
  • UK: $7.1 million earned
  • France: $6.8 million earned
  • Japan: $1.7 million earned
  • Germany: $1.6 million earned
  • The Netherlands: $1.2 million earned

What are the most popular crypto assets?

The most popular asset for earning a yield was Ethereum, with 79,039 yodlers. This was followed by Bitcoin with 60,590 yodlers, and USDC with 46,475 yodlers.

The top crypto assets for earnings were USDC and Ethereum, which beat all other assets by a landslide - USDC yodlers received $15.9 million in earnings, while Ethereum yodlers received $15.5 million in earnings. The next highest-earning asset was Bitcoin, which generated $3.2 million in earnings.

Which asset had the highest yield?

Since yield rates fluctuate with market conditions, there were significant changes to yields over the past 18 month. Across the entire market, yields are lower than they were in late 2020 and early 2021.

However, the large changes to the market environment might give us a more accurate picture of what yields might look like over the long term, rather than focusing solely on the DeFi boom and bull run.

If we look at the highest yields earned since launch, Binance Coin was the winner with a top yield rate of 40.5% per annum. USDC came in second place with a top yield of 37.55% per annum, followed by Bancor with a top yield rate of 35% per annum.

Smart Yield: Highest yield per crypto asset

If we look at the average yield rate since an asset was added to the app, however, the rates tell a different story. Meric Circle comes in first with an average yield rate of 19.85%, followed by Pancake Swap at 12.11%, and USDC at 11.37%.

Smart Yield: Average yield per crypto asset

Do different users yield differently?

The final question we asked was whether users with different account types (standard and various Premium tiers) yielded differently. When it comes to assets, the results were the same across the board - Ethereum was the most popular asset, followed by USDC, Bitcoin and Binance coin.

Where the real difference came in was in how much those users earned. Since the Generation, Pioneer and Explorer Premium tiers are recent additions to SwissBorg’s account types, we focused on the earnings of Genesis, Community and standard users.

Genesis Premium has benefitted from a 2X yield boost since the launch of Smart Yield (a benefit that Generation Premium members now share!). With this boost, Genesis Premium users earnt a total yield of $24,246,402 or an average of $5,508 per user.

Community Premium users earnt a total yield of $6,957,329, or an average of $309 per user, and standard users earnt a total yield of $5,938,539 or an average of $61 per user.

So it’s easy to see how the yield boost pays off!

What’s next for Smart Yield?

Our team is currently hard at work on SwissBorg Earn, which is the next stage in the evolution of Smart Yield. While Smart Yield offers a one-size-fits-all approach to yielding, SwissBorg earn will offer multiple yielding strategies per asset, each with different levels of risk and return. 

That way, you can choose the best yielding strategy for you, or combine different strategies for a customised yield!

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