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Author: Sam Sheikh, XBorg investments lead

Why is XBorg’s launchpad a game changer?


Since its inception, XBorg has been dedicated to dismantling the power asymmetries within the gaming industry and creating a platform where gamers and enthusiasts are empowered to participate while experiencing the value they generate. XBorg achieves this by leveraging blockchain technology and is currently producing two products that are at the core of its vision. Each is briefly broken down as follows;

  1. Launchpad: Allowing gamers and enthusiasts to hold a stake in the gaming industry and shape projects they believe in from the earliest stages of their development.
  2. Gaming Passport: The first on-chain gaming CV, also referred to as the GDI, allows players to leverage their data within the gaming landscape and extract value from games and esports. Additionally, the GDI is hosted on a platform that allows players to experience the value they generate by being rewarded for doing what they are passionate about, gaming. Furthermore, the platform will allow developers to access players based on their GDI and connect with key value members of their community for feedback.

This article focuses specifically on the XBorg Launchpad. 

Launchpad philosophy

Having the power to shape industries and having one’s voice heard is virtually impossible in traditional industries, particularly in the face of highly established organizations. Though with time, some platforms such as Indigogo and Kickstarter surfaced in order to offer an alternative, though it was still not perfect. As you would only be afforded the product at a discounted price and not much else. However, in Web3, the logic is very different. The landscape surfaced in order to address these power imbalances and make sure all that seek it have a voice in products they believe in, and as such, many began developing launchpads, each targeting a different sector.


Let us shift focus to the gaming industry and highlight why it is such an important and untapped sector. Gaming, in its entirety, represents one of the largest industries within the entertainment industry. In 2020 the videogame industry accumulated an estimated $155 billion in revenue, and it is projected to generate more than $260 billion by 2025. This net annual revenue is generated by over 2 billion active gamers, making up around 26% of the global population (Beattie, 2021; Clement, 2021b). Though there is a fundamental flaw present in all these billion-dollar organizations, as Emmanuel Kant would criticize, they treat their consumers as a means to an end instead of the end itself. Of all the revenue accumulated within the gaming industry, an extremely large amount is generated through in-game purchases and microtransactions (Beattie, 2021). In 2020 the entire gaming community generated $54 billion in in-game purchases (Clement, 2021a). This figure increased by 13% in 2021, generating around $61 billion. Furthermore, analysts speculate the figure will reach upwards of $74 billion by 2025 (Clement, 2021b; Clement, 2022). Though from all the purchases and transactions, the players did not derive any tangible benefits, instead left with the illusion of a newly acquired utility. With every new product come new purchases that are not ownable or transferable. The value chain is disproportionately one-sided.


All the Products that are shipped in the traditional gaming industry are generally lacking any insight from the players they target while maintaining a strict producer-and-consumer relationship. This has consistently led to discontent within the gaming community, and one can point to a myriad of examples such as No Mans Sky, Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty Vanguard, Assassins Creed Unity, Cyberpunk 2077, and Fallout 76. All products of multi-million dollar development studios with the latest technologies at their disposal, yet extremely poorly received. This demonstrates clearly that the wealth they are missing is the input of their players. This is where a launchpad can innovate and access this resting and untapped potential.


One of the ways in which players and enthusiasts can shape the trajectory of the gaming industry is by holding a stake in it, particularly in Web3. Many projects that undergo fundraising campaigns grant access to their token, and ecosystem tokens carry governance rights, therefore allowing its holder a voice in shaping decisions within the project. Additionally, participating in pre-seed/seed-level investments grants potential investors access to ecosystem tokens at their lowest valuation, and, if invested through XBorg’s launchpad, access to potential early access passes unique opportunities such as NFT whitelists, and more.


XBorg grants players and enthusiast access to a launchpad where they may access projects at their earliest rounds in order to have a voice that has been heard since day 1.

Dedicated to offering high-quality investments

Though hosting a leading launchpad comes with many considerations:

  1. Access to strong deal flow 
  2. Strict screening processes
  3. Creating transparent reports
  4. Legal processing of all deals


Access to strong deal flow

XBorg is fortunate to be building alongside some of the strongest forces in GameFi, such as Zilliqa , PolkaStarter Gaming , Ultra , Community Gaming , and in close association with Polygon Studios . All partners grant XBorg access to any incoming deal flow that we may consider for our launchpad, and this allows the launchpad to have consistent deals. 

  • The Harvest, one of the leading projects within Web3 and is planned to be a flagship of Binance.
  • Rooniverse, a highly anticipated mobile project that is projected to compete against both Web2 and Web3 mobile gaming.
  • The Bornless, a game that will be hosted on Epic Games, the publisher responsible for Fortnite, one of the most popular projects in Web2.
  • Aether Games, a studio of individuals who’ve worked not only in traditional esports but also on TV shows such as the award-winning Love, Death & Robots.
  • Exverse, the first battle metaverse with large partnerships such as Qatar for the world cup.
  • And many more to come

Strict screening processes

Having access to a strong deal flow alone does not make a strong launchpad. Rather it is the addition of a strict screening process. Projects that seek to be hosted on the XBorg launchpad must complete a multi-page due diligence document that utilizes parameters vetted by both Binance and SwissBorg ventures. Following the completion of the due diligence questionnaire, the deal is exposed to XBorg’s investment council, a group of three individuals elected by the community who work within investments and wealth management. Only after the council and XBorg’s venture arm have agreed on a deal is it exposed to the community. 


Creating transparent reports

Though investments can never, and should never, be made without adequate research and resources that allow for the best judgment to be made. Unfortunately, current launchpads offer very little to any details or public due diligence to their investors. However, XBorg is dedicated to empowering its community and therefore offers its members access to highly in-depth research reports on every project that is listed on the launchpad. The reports are compiled by both the XBorg investment lead and the Investment council members.


Legal processing of all deals

The three parameters highlighted above are incomplete without appropriate legal frameworks, and XBorg is dedicated to this fact. As SwissBorg’s gaming arm, XBorg has access to SwissBorg legal and a team of dedicated individuals facilitating KYC processes. All individuals that wish to participate in launchpad deals must complete a KYC process that is not only revised by XBorg but also SwissBorg. This strict adherence to legality is XBorg’s dedication to the security of its community.


About the XBorg Prometheus NFT

All players and enthusiasts have access to XBorg’s launchpad, yet the holders of the Prometheus NFT gain certain additional privileges:

  1. Feeless access: Holders have access to investments without a fee, while non-holders will be subject to a 10% fee.
  2. Multiple allocations: Each Prometheus NFT held offers its owner an additional chance to invest, while non-holders are only allowed a single investment allocation.
  3. Early access: NFT holders have access to a gated 48 hours of investments before the general community.
  4. Access to all deals: Some deals that enter the launchpad may be private at the request of the project, and those will only be exposed to NFT holders.

The NFT grants its holder many more utilities that can be discovered here .

The SwissBorg Launchpad

In complement to each other’s platforms and addressing a different market, one must shed emphasis on the SwissBorg launchpad. With a mission to democratize wealth management, they offer enthusiasts the opportunity to invest in private equity, IDOs, bonds, and real estate, the potential of tokenized securities. Committed to offering highly vetted and exclusive deals, this launchpad will allow the individual access to investments that were never before accessible to the general public. To learn more about the SwissBorg launchpad, follow this link to the full breakdown. 


The SwissBorg and XBorg launchpads occupy two different sectors while strengthening each other’s unified vision of empowering individuals regardless of background and access to leading technologies regardless of borders. 

Get involved

Find out more about XBorg’s deals by checking out the launchpad . Complete the KYC and start shaping the landscape.


About XBorg

Built by a team of dedicated gaming enthusiasts, XBorg was founded with the mission of solving the existing power asymmetry between players and game developers. In traditional games, players support projects they believe in, boosting revenue for developers, but are completely alienated from the value chain. XBorg has a vision of a future where the players and developers experience the projects they believe in on equal terms, and both derive the true value of their participation in their Esports ecosystems of choice. 


XBorg is SwissBorg’s gaming arm, a crypto app revolutionizing wealth management with 700,000 users.

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Sam Sheikh, XBorg investments lead

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