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Turning views into value with SiBorg Ads

Turning views into value with SiBorg Ads

In essence, the "Web3 " movement originated with a fundamental goal: to restore individual sovereignty on the internet, place economic and governance power in the hands of users, and truly put an end to the common narrative of “Big tech says so.” One particular field where people saw a lot of potential for this Web3 vision was in social media, where corporate networks and their high take rates taxed creativity and reduced users and creators to mere guinea pigs devoid of any sovereignty.

This led to the emergence of SocialFi, a sector at the convergence of social media and crypto that aims to build a new model for social media — one centred around community, one that gives back full ownership over personal data, and one that rewards creators in a fair and transparent way But, even in this new model, there are still debates regarding the correct monetisation framework to adopt. For some, we need to create something entirely different from ad-based models, while others think we should keep the existing ad frameworks.

But, as with most things in life, the truth often lies somewhere in the middle. This would imply redesigning an ad-based model that is fair, transparent, and ensures that value flows to the edges of the network.

This is what SiBorg is aiming to address with its brand new product feature, SiBorg Ads.

SiBorg Ads - A new paradigm in the world of advertising

SiBorg is an interesting SocialFi project that is building a decentralized mobile app aimed at improving the user experience for both creators and listeners of Twitter Spaces and podcasts On one hand, SiBorg is focusing on transforming Twitter Spaces into a post-live discovery experience with a Spotify-like interface. On the other hand, the app is also working on boosting user engagement, improving curation to enhance the visibility of podcasts and Twitter Spaces, and refining the monetisation model for creators.

On the monetisation lens, after exploring different options like donations or premium subscriptions model, SiBorg developed its own blockchain-based advertising model: SiBorg Ads.

What is SiBorg Ads

SiBorg Ads is a new feature on their app that allows for direct ownership and trading of ad spaces. Think of it as an ad parcel linked to a search ticker where whenever the ticker is searched by someone, for instance “Bitcoin '' then the linked ads will be displayed. Each ad space will be linked to an NFT that grants you the exclusive right to submit an ad from July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025. Since this right is tokenized, it can be bought and sold at any time on the market. Simple, yet powerful.

What is SiBorg Ads

SiBorg Ads Buying Process

1. Visit the marketplace: Explore 20 new premium ad spaces auctioned daily (each auction lasts 24h).

2. Participate in auctions: Join “Bid-to-Earn” auctions to secure ad spaces or earn money by being outbid.

3. Google ads evolution: Each ad space (in app tokenize banner) is linked to a search ticker, ensuring visibility when searched in the app.

4. Collect and refer: Receive mystery boxes and referral rewards post-purchase.

5. Gain more visibility: Submit a sponsorship proposal to display your banner in the SiBorg App. Once validated, your ad will appear on the app and as long as you own the ad space, you can submit a new ad at any time

A compelling investment opportunity

A compelling investment opportunity with SiBorg

All in all, investing in an ad space can yield several benefits. First, it allows investors to directly benefit from the visibility associated with the specific ad parcel. One of the best ways of turning views into value. But it is also a way to speculate on the potential hype generated by some keywords and get in early before the hype. This is similar to people buying domain names in the beginning of the internet era, a true goldmine of opportunity. Moreover, parcels are also a way to get exposed to the platform's future visibility and growth. A direct bet on SiBorg and its success and if the app manages to scale, then surely parcels will grow in value. Last but not least, owners of SiBorg ad spaces will enjoy additional perks providing further incentives beyond traditional advertising benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about this innovative new feature, visit the website https://app.dsponsor.com/

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