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What is Jupiter (JUP)?

What is Jupiter (JUP)?

Jupiter is a DeFi aggregator built on Solana. Since its inception in October 2021, Jupiter has consistently pursued its vision of creating the best-decentralised trading experience on Solana. The platform achieves this by aggregating various DeFi features into a single app with the most seamless user experience possible.

The One-Stop Shop for DeFi on Solana

Jupiter is one of the biggest DeFi projects on Solana to date. Though it was initially conceived as a swap engine, the protocol has evolved significantly to include a number of different products for different kinds of users, such as Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), limit orders, perpetual trading, and, most recently, a launchpad. Its product is top of the game and well-appreciated by its community.

Best aggregator in crypto
Source: Jupiter Exchange

As such, Jupiter is in a unique position, and its ecosystem revolves around three primary components:

1. Solana’s long-term adoption: 2023 was a year of rebirth for Solana as network activity picked up. A continuation of this trend can be positive for Jupiter's future.

2. DeFi going mainstream: Jupiter's ethos centres on the belief that the future of trading is on-chain. Its unique product contributes to the evolution of DeFi toward mass adoption.

3. The power of communities: Community-led initiatives are at the centre of Jupiter’s ecosystem, and this project is committed to listening to their communities' feedback to keep delivering the best products.

Moreover, this project remains dedicated to continuous innovation, aiming to improve existing features and introduce new products aligned with its three main business model anchors:

  • Delivering the best UX possible 
  • Maximising the potential of Solana’s technical capabilities 
  • Improving Solana’s liquidity landscape as a whole 

Tokenomics of JUP

Designed as a governance token, JUP will allow holders to influence crucial aspects of the ecosystem. This includes voting on the critical aspects of the token itself, such as the timing of initial liquidity provision, future emissions beyond the initial mint, and key ecosystem initiatives.

Tokenomics of JUP
Source: Jupiter Exchange

The key objectives of the token are: 

  • Energising the Solana ecosystem by attracting new capital flows and users.
  • Generating momentum for the launch of new ecosystem tokens: JUP is poised to act as a catalyst for introducing more ecosystem tokens.
  • Build a Strong and Distributed JUP Community.

Furthermore, the utility of JUP will evolve depending on the direction taken by the community. Potential future utility for the token could include:

  • Fee reduction on the perpetual exchange.
  • Improved access and allocation to the launchpad.
  • Fee sharing on the Automated Market Maker (AMM).

With a maximum supply of 10 billion JUP, the token distribution is equally split between 2 cold wallets: the team and community wallets. The team wallet will be used for allocations for the current team, treasury, and liquidity provision, while the community wallet is geared towards airdrops and various early contributors. 

JUP token allocation
Source: Jupiter Exchange


Jupiter is part of the new wave of DeFi projects that aims to make trading on-chain seamless. Its different product offerings facilitate cheap, quick and secure trading and DeFi operations. As such, this project represents a significant evolution for DeFi on Solana.

SwissBorg's commitment to a secure, user-friendly, community-centric and versatile platform aligns perfectly with Jupiter's innovative approach, providing both communities with an exciting and dynamic opportunity. Through this integration, JUP token holders can now enjoy the ease of buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies with 16 different fiat currencies , such as EUR, CHF, and GBP. Further, this integration greatly enhances the accessibility and usability of JUP, promoting wider participation and simplifying the investment process. 

The collaboration between SwissBorg and Jupiter exemplifies the spirit of innovation and progress that continues to drive the DeFi and cryptocurrency space forward. Both projects are poised to reshape the landscape and provide users with more comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly solutions, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralised finance. We are excited to witness the positive impact of this partnership and look forward to further advancements within the crypto and DeFi ecosystems.

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