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What is Gensokishi (MV)?

The project

Gensokishi Online is a 3D MMORPG adapted from the award-winning Playstation/Nintendo Switch game "Elemental Knights."

At its core, Gensokishi Online is an epic adventure game that takes players on a journey through a rich and detailed fantasy world. Players can fight monsters and unleash powerful skills from a variety of classes; interact with a massive world filled with NPCs, quests, towns, monsters, and other players. They can also partner with other players to take on challenges and collect loot.

One of the most impressive aspects of Genso is its engaging gameplay, which is both challenging and rewarding. Players must use strategy, skill, and teamwork to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies, making each victory all the more satisfying. 

With a 15-year history behind it, Genso has been a popular game in Japan, China and Taiwan for over a decade. From its first flip phone version to the Web3 launch in 2022, Genso is a fun open-world game connecting millions of players worldwide to host epic battles and tournaments. It is also a perfect entry into MMORPGs for new players who can find in it a great way to explore the genre. Anyone can play if they have internet access and a laptop or PC. 

Token Information

Gensokishi is a Polygon-based MMORPG, meaning all transactions happen on the Polygon blockchain, and any applicable gas fees are in MATIC. Both their tokens also have ERC20 contracts to make the tokens more accessible and allow MV staking on ERC20 and MATIC.

ROND token, the in-game currency for the GensoKishi economy, is based on the Polygon and ERC20 blockchain standards. It has various utilities; however, its primary purpose is as in-game gold and economy, meaning players can use it to purchase items and merchandise at the mall and vendors, admission to museums and other exhibits, admission to concerts and events, and upgrade equipment. It can also be used to join exclusive/special modes, warp between zones inside the LAND to save time, and admission to enter UGC maps. Furthermore, users can use ROND to pay challenger fees for new quests and access to physical GensoKishi events.

The Metaverse token, MV, is an integral part of the game's economy and is used outside the game to build the Metaverse world. It's based on the Polygon and Ethereum blockchain. It's has various utilities, such as voting rights for rule/policy-making, discounted prices for special equipment, and purchasing exclusive items. It also a staking function, allowing users to stake MV to earn ROND Coin, the in-game currency.

Additionally, owning a specific volume of MV gives users the right to generate special equipment (UGC), enter an auction for creating maps and characters as UGC, and purchase UGC. The function of the token will be updated after the release to include transaction fees for in-game trading and various LAND activities and transactions.

Unique selling points

  • Play and earn concept
  • Rare and unique items to trade or collect
  • In-game comms – the chat helps you and your friends enjoy seamless communication with others on the server. It's also a great way to meet people from all over the world and play together!
  • RPG Combat – unleash spells and abilities in real-time, and fight with bosses, while developing your talent tree.
  • MMORPG World – You can keep exploring as long as you like. A vast world with an enjoyable backstory!
  • Variety of Classes – pick from four base classes: Fighter, Thief, Cleric, and Wizard with the ability to progress to more advanced classes.
  • Character Customisation – specialised skills, stats and outfits for unique gameplay!
  • New Content – fight powerful bosses, participate in special events, quests and more

The long-term vision of Gensokishi is to allow players and clients to:

  • Design, create, and sell original skins and equipment
  • Create and design NPCs and monsters
  • Purchase in-game land to build and design in

Genso allows users to generate their skins, characters, maps, build and create their original Content.


All in all

Gensokishi Online stands out as a captivating and immersive 3D MMORPG with a rich history, engaging gameplay, and a vast world to explore. Its play-to-earn concept, unique items, and customisable characters make it an appealing choice for both veteran and new players alike. With its long-term vision of fostering user-generated content and opportunities for creativity, Gensokishi Online promises a thrilling gaming experience that transcends borders and connects millions of players worldwide. Don't miss out on this epic adventure!

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