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What is Ternoa (CAPS)?

What is Ternoa (CAPS)?

Ternoa is a layer 1 blockchain infrastructure, built on Substrate, designed for mass-adoption of NFT technology with: 

  • a scalable and easy NFT creation process thanks to web languages SDKs
  • private-content NFTs to create “true ownership” use cases: Secrets and Capsules NFTs

Because blockchain mass adoption requires a sustainable approach, Ternoa’s protocol relies on Nominated Proof-of-Stake to ensure state-of-the-art energy consumption. Today, the ecosystem of Ternoa consists of 50 NFT-based dApps, and the support of a full-blown “Labs”, focusing on large corporate Web3 adoption, and Web3 startups across many industries.

Ternoa’s coin is the CAPS and is now available on the SwissBorg app.

Scalable & Easy

Ternoa’s architecture is unique and innovative because it doesn’t require smart contracts to create NFTs. Instead it relies upon on-chain NFT primitives enabling all users to mint sophisticated NFTs without blockchain language expertise. With its SDK, using advanced NFT features such as renting, delegation, on-chain auctions & royalties now becomes instantly accessible to millions of web developers worldwide.

Private-content NFT

Ternoa combines state-of-the-art encryption, hardware (Trusted Execution Environment, TEEs) and decentralisation to create NFTs whose associated content is only available to its owner. NFTs become containers, which only their owners can access and add content to whenever they want. Private-content NFTs are a trustless solution that eliminates the need for third-party involvement, enabling users to regain ownership of their data and opening a whole new array of use cases, including digital Time Capsules.

Ternoa’s key figures

Only 2 years after its token launch, Ternoa has already achieved important milestones in its roadmap and continues to grow.

  • $15M funds raised to date
  • 30k+ CAPS holders 
  • 600k+ CAPS & NFTs transactions on Ternoa
  • 200k+ followers on social media
  • 50k+ downloads of the Ternoa wallet
  • 82 nodes and 49 validators
  • 100 people contribute to the development of Ternoa
  • 15+ backers and partners (Omnes, DFG, SevenX, Mr Beast…)

To sum up

Ternoa is a very promising and innovative project. Its unique technology and solid foundations allows it to continue to grow in the midst of the bear market and complete its roadmap.  Appealing to both Web3 players and Web2 companies in transition, Ternoa is set to become a major player in the mass-adoption of blockchain and utilitarian NFTs.

All in all

This collaboration between Ternoa and SwissBorg will allow SwissBorg users to have access to the wide range of offerings from the Ternoa network: new rewards opportunities by staking $CAPS, access to a new ecosystem, use your $CAPS to vote on the future of Ternoa and play a role in the development and expansion of the blockchain. Ternoa community will be able to access our fiat gateway in addition to enjoying  the products and perks of the SwissBorg app and ecosystem.

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