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What is STEPN (GMT)?

What is STEPN (GMT)?

STEPN, developed by Find Satoshi Lab, is a lifestyle app incentivising physical activities with cryptocurrency rewards. Built on the Solana blockchain, it is known for its high speed and low transaction costs. The platform requires users to purchase NFT sneakers, which they can use to earn tokens by moving outdoors. The concept merges health, gaming, and crypto into a single, seamless experience, promoting fitness while offering financial rewards. At the core of STEPN’s ecosystem is its native token, GMT, which plays a central role in its economy and user engagement.

The Move-to-Earn Model

The Move-to-Earn model is what sets STEPN apart. Users earn by engaging in physical activities such as walking, running, or jogging. The app tracks the user's movement and rewards them with GMT tokens based on their activity level. This model not only incentivises exercise but also introduces users to the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in a fun and engaging way.

The STEPN Token (GMT)

GMT is the native utility token of the STEPN ecosystem. It serves multiple purposes:

  • Rewards: Users earn GMT tokens as a reward for their physical activities.
  • Governance: Holders of GMT have voting rights in the platform’s governance, influencing decisions about the project’s future.
  • Staking: Users can stake their GMT tokens to earn interest and other rewards.
  • NFT Transactions: GMT is used for buying and selling NFT sneakers within the platform.


The tokenomics of GMT is designed to sustain the ecosystem's growth and stability:

  • Total Supply: The total supply of GMT is capped, ensuring scarcity and potential value appreciation.
  • Earning Cap: To maintain token stability, there is a daily cap on how much each user can earn.
  • Burn Mechanism: A portion of the tokens spent in the app (like repairing NFT sneakers) are burned, reducing the overall supply and increasing scarcity.
  • Distribution: Tokens are distributed among users (through rewards), the development team, and for platform maintenance and marketing.

Future Prospects and Challenges

STEPN is poised for growth, with plans to expand its offerings and partnerships. The platform’s success hinges on maintaining user engagement, ensuring token stability, and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of blockchain and fitness technology.

Conclusion: STEPN and SwissBorg

STEPN's innovative move-to-earn model represents a significant evolution in the intersection of health, technology, and finance. Rewarding physical activities with cryptocurrency, the platform not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also offers a unique entry point into the world of NFTs and digital currencies.

For SwissBorg and its community, integrating STEPN's GMT token into our app offers significant advantages. By leveraging SwissBorg's platform, STEPN token holders can now enjoy the convenience of buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies with 16 different fiat currencies, including EUR, CHF, and GBP. This feature significantly enhances the accessibility and usability of GMT, allowing for broader participation and ease of investment.

Furthermore, SwissBorg's commitment to a secure, user-friendly, community-centric and versatile platform aligns perfectly with STEPN's innovative approach, providing both communities with an exciting and dynamic opportunity. Through this integration, STEPN token holders can fully utilise SwissBorg's advanced investment features and security measures, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience with GMT.

This collaboration extends beyond typical investment and finance applications. It enriches the SwissBorg ecosystem by offering users a novel way to engage with cryptocurrencies, fostering not just financial freedom but also a healthy, active lifestyle. As we continue to embrace practical, real-world applications of blockchain technology, our partnership with STEPN exemplifies SwissBorg's commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. Together, we are empowering our users to reach their financial freedom while promoting a balanced and healthy way of life, truly embodying the potential of blockchain to positively impact everyday life. 

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