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What is BEAM?

What is BEAM?

The BEAM is the native token of the Beam network, a gaming network empowered by the Merit Circle DAO. Beam is an ecosystem where gamers and developers come together with the mission to shape the future of the gaming industry. One of its core components is the Beam SDK, which is a flexible software development kit that enables game developers to choose between a variety of tools that can be used to fuel and structure their in-game blockchain elements.

To interact with Beam, BEAM is required. This is the native crypto asset used within the Beam network to pay for transactions. This not only includes transfers of assets but also involves all interactions with smart contracts on the Beam network, facilitating a seamless, immersive gaming experience.

Besides functioning as a gas token that fuels the Beam network, BEAM is the heart of the governance of the Merit Circle DAO. This decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) was brought to life in early 2021 to revolutionise the gaming industry. The BEAM token allows its holders to participate in the governance of this DAO.

When did BEAM launch?

On the 26th of October, the migration from MC to BEAM occurred. Previously, the Merit Circle DAO evolved around the MC token. Following two proposals, both MIP-28 and MIP-29 , the migration was initiated by the DAO to better align with the current activities and practices within the Merit Circle ecosystem.

The Merit Circle DAO itself was launched in early 2021 with a strong focus on the gaming industry. Throughout its existence, the DAO has managed to launch a variety of products ranging from an NFT marketplace to a full-functioning SDK for game developers to integrate in their games. 

The BEAM token

The Beam token, BEAM, is an ERC-20 token with value and utility that is best summarised as follows: 

  • Gas token on the Beam network
  • Governance for the Merit Circle DAO
  • Delegation
  • Validation

The Future of BEAM

The gaming universe stands at a transformative juncture. Gamers, long frustrated by the lack of true ownership of digital assets and the absence of voice in their cherished games, now find hope and opportunity in the groundbreaking potentials of blockchain technology.

Beam is here for the next generation of gamers and to facilitate their journey. There are currently more than 15 games confirmed to launch on the Beam network, including TrialXtreme, Walker World, Amino and many others. 

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BEAM and SwissBorg 

The addition of BEAM to the SwissBorg app is a significant move in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain-based gaming . SwissBorg, known for its forward-thinking approach, brings Beam closer to mainstream gamers and investors alike. Users of the SwissBorg app can now directly interact with and invest in one of the most promising gaming tokens on the market. The integration facilitates not just easy transfers but also broadens the horizon for enthusiasts who believe in the merger of gaming and blockchain technology. As Beam continues to pioneer and set benchmarks in the industry, its accessibility through SwissBorg paves the way for both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers to benefit from the exciting advancements Beam has to offer. The partnership exemplifies a dynamic future where gaming and crypto wealth management intersect, presenting endless possibilities and opportunities.

For enthusiasts eager to own Beam Network's native token, BEAM, acquiring it is now a breeze via the SwissBorg app. Users can effortlessly procure BEAM on the SwissBorg platform, amplifying access to this pivotal token. Moreover, within the SwissBorg ecosystem, users have the option to exchange BEAM with over 60 other cryptocurrencies and 16 fiats , maximising their trading possibilities. By leveraging the SwissBorg Smart Engine , traders benefit from optimised routes for their transactions, ensuring they get the best rates available. With SwissBorg's intuitive interface and an extensive array of payment methods, securing BEAM and exploring a wide range of other cryptocurrencies becomes an uncomplicated task, inviting more individuals to engage with the Beam Network and its revolutionary gaming ecosystem.

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