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What is HiveMapper (HONEY)?

What is HiveMapper (HONEY)?

Hivemapper (HONEY) is a decentralised global mapping network that rewards its contributors for collecting high-volume 4K street-level imagery with dashcams through a Drive-to-Earn model.

Imagery acquisition devices come in the form of 4k Dashcams, which are a combination of a camera that records street-level imagery and a blockchain mining device. Users who operate dashcams thus mine and earn rewards in Hivemapper's native cryptocurrency token, HONEY.

The HiveMapper Project

HiveMapper is a decentralised mapping network that leverages blockchain technology to create a detailed, dynamic, and accessible map of the world. Unlike traditional mapping services that are controlled by a few major entities, HiveMapper emphasises user contribution and rewards participants for their efforts. By using drones, smartphones, and other devices to capture geographic data, contributors can help build and update maps in real time. This collaborative approach not only ensures the maps are up-to-date but also significantly reduces the barriers to entry for mapping services, fostering a more inclusive and comprehensive global mapping system.

The project's main goals are to provide an open and transparent mapping platform that encourages community participation, ensures the privacy and security of data, and creates a sustainable model that benefits all stakeholders. Through blockchain technology , HiveMapper ensures that the data is tamper-proof, verifiable, and owned by the community, marking a significant departure from the centralised models of contemporary mapping services.

The HONEY Token

At the heart of HiveMapper's ecosystem lies the HONEY token, a utility token designed to facilitate transactions, rewards, and governance within the platform. The tokenomics of HONEY are crafted to support the project's long-term sustainability and growth, ensuring that participants are motivated to contribute quality data to the network.

Utility and Functionality

  • Rewards: Contributors who provide valuable data to the HiveMapper network are rewarded with HONEY tokens. This incentivises the continuous update and maintenance of the map data.
  • Governance: HONEY token holders can participate in the decision-making process regarding the development and governance of the HiveMapper ecosystem. This includes voting on proposals related to software updates, policy changes, and the allocation of resources.
  • Transactions: The token is used for transactions within the platform, such as purchasing map data, accessing advanced mapping features, and other services offered by HiveMapper.


Blockchain: Solana  

Total supply: 10,000,000,000 HONEY 

Token Distribution:

  • 40% to contributors as rewards for their ongoing participation in improving the Hivemapper Network
  • 20% to investors for providing the startup capital required to launch the Hivemapper Network
  • 20% to employees of Hivemapper Inc. for building the technical and operational systems required to run the Hivemapper Network
  • 15% to Hivemapper Inc. for providing ongoing R&D and operational support for the Hivemapper Network
  • 5% to the Hivemapper Foundation that governs and facilitates the ongoing success of the Hivemapper Network


HiveMapper and the HONEY token represent a novel approach to mapping and geographic data. By leveraging blockchain technology, the project aims to create a more open, transparent, and participatory mapping ecosystem. The HONEY token serves as the backbone of this ecosystem, enabling rewards, governance, and transactions. As the project matures and expands, it could significantly impact how we create, access, and use maps, making it an exciting development at the intersection of blockchain technology and geographic information systems.

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