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What is Render (RENDER)?

What is Render (RENDER)?

In the rapidly evolving world of digital entertainment and the burgeoning crypto metaverse, the demand for high-quality, immersive 3D graphics has never been higher. From animated movies and online gaming to architectural visualisations, scientific simulations and now video-generating AI, the underlying technology powering these experiences is more critical than ever. Enter the Render Network (RENDER), a groundbreaking initiative transforming how we think about and execute 3D rendering.

3D Rendering Powers the Crypto Metaverse

At the heart of most digital entertainment forms —whether it's the latest animated blockbuster, a virtual reality (VR) game, or the crypto metaverse— lies 3D rendering. This complex process involves converting 3D models into detailed visual graphics, requiring significant computational power, especially for real-time graphics in VR environments and games. As the appetite for these immersive experiences grows, so does the demand for the computational might to create them.


On November 2, 2023, The Render Foundation announced that the Render Network, the world’s leading decentralised compute network, has successfully upgraded its core infrastructure from Ethereum to Solana. When rolling out the new token on SOL, a new token needed to be minted and RENDER was created. The old token, RNDR, will still live, but going forward, the Render Foundation will focus and put its full support into RENDER.

“Moving Render’s core infrastructure to Solana is a watershed moment that unlocks major new capabilities like real-time streaming and dynamic NFTs,” said Jules Urbach, the founder and architect of the Render Network.

What is RENDER? Crypto for On-Demand GPU Rendering

The Render Network provides an innovative solution to this challenge. Harnessing the power of blockchain technology and crypto enables individuals to contribute their unused GPU power to a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace. In return, contributors earn Render tokens (RENDER), the network's native utility token. This setup not only makes 3D rendering more accessible and efficient but also democratises the process, allowing anyone with GPU resources to participate in and benefit from the rendering ecosystem.

Render Network’s Proof-of-Render (PoR) Governance System

Built on the Ethereum blockchain and leveraging OctaneRender —a leading rendering application— Render introduces a proof-of-render (PoR) governance system. This innovative approach ensures that the network remains scalable, efficient, and secure, providing a reliable platform for both creators needing rendering services and GPU owners willing to contribute their computational power.

How to Use the Render Network

Using the Render Network is straightforward. Content creators upload their rendering tasks to the platform, which are then picked up by the network's decentralised array of GPU service providers. This system speeds up the rendering process and significantly reduces the costs associated with traditional 3D rendering methods, such as investing in expensive GPU farms or relying on centralised rendering services.

Render Token (RENDER) Tokenomics

Transactions within the Render Network are facilitated using the RENDER token, a previously ERC-20, now Solana, utility token. This setup ensures a seamless exchange between those requiring rendering services and those providing GPU power, with tokenomics designed to support and sustain the ecosystem's growth and stability.

Conclusion: Availability on the SwissBorg app

Integrating the Render token into the SwissBorg app marks a significant milestone for both Render and the broader crypto community. By making RENDER accessible through the SwissBorg app, users can now invest in and become part of an innovative project that's set to revolutionise the 3D rendering space quickly. Render’s community of token holders can now use the SwissBorg app to buy, sell and exchange RENDER with over 70 cryptocurrencies and 16 fiats including EUR, CHF and GBP.

This collaboration highlights SwissBorg's commitment to offering cutting-edge crypto investment opportunities and positions the Render Network for broader adoption and success.

In conclusion, the Render Network stands at the forefront of decentralised 3D rendering technology, offering a scalable, efficient, and democratised platform that benefits creators and GPU owners alike. With its availability on the SwissBorg app, investing in the future of digital rendering and the crypto metaverse has always been challenging.

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