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What is WXM

What is WeatherXM (WXM)?

WeatherXM is a Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) of weather stations that collects hyper-local weather data and provides accurate weather services to individuals, businesses and research organisations. Participants who deploy and maintain stations earn rewards in WXM, the network’s token.

More than one-third of the global economy is weather-sensitive, and accurate weather data are critical for many industries. According to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), “highly weather-sensitive sectors such as agriculture, energy, transport and construction, and disaster risk management can benefit by over US $160 billion per year from potential improvements in weather forecasting capabilities that would be within reach given our current state of scientific knowledge and our technology”. Climate change creates additional challenges across business, public discourse, and daily life, increasing the demand for and value of precise, hyper-local data. 

In this environment, WeatherXM’s unparalleled ability to deploy weather stations fast and efficiently is a game-changer: In just two years, WeatherXM has deployed more than 5,000 stations in more than 80 countries and aims to become the largest weather station network in the world by 2025. (By comparison, NOAA, the oldest science agency in the United States, operates 14,000 ground stations). 

Key Numbers:

  • $12.75 million: Amount raised to secure the future of the project. 
  • 8000: WeatherXM already has a proven product and worldwide network model of around 8k live weather machines. 
  • $160 billion: Possible annual savings for agriculture, energy, transport, construction and disaster risk management.
  • Data collected (as of May 2024): 1.9 million station-days


$WXM is an ERC 20 token implemented in Arbitrum One that powers the entire weather data economy. It acts as the primary currency for WeatherXM and will be necessary to acquire licensing rights. $WXM holders will be part of the future DAO and will be involved in the ecosystem governance. It is the incentive mechanism to reward station owners.

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 $WXM
  • 55% - Station rewards: 55 million $WXM will be distributed linearly on a 10yr period to station owners as an incentive mechanism for providing data to the network. Because Weather is a long term project, the reward will be linearly distributed over 10 years. Now, out of those 55 million, 3 million is especially reserved for early participants of the beta phase. With a different distribution schedule.
  • 30% - Initial supporters: 30 million tokens will be allocated to early supporters of the project (team and investors) and will be distributed linearly over a period of four years with a one year cliff.
  • 10% - Treasury: 10 million $WXM will be reserved for the DAO treasury for the development of the ecosystem. Token will be unlocked linearly over five years, starting from the TGE.
  • 5% - Liquidity support: 5 million $WXM will be provided to token exchanges to support the liquidity.

Data licensing

Data collected by the WeatherXM Network are stored on Filecoin and accessible to everyone.

Non-commercial, personal use of the data is free.

Every year, the Association will auction four (4) licenses that give licensees the right to use the data commercially for one year through an English-type, open-bid auction. The minimum bid is set to 100,000 $WXM.

All in all

WeatherXM is building the largest weather station in the world through a new model that offers unmatched deployment efficiency and speed. The data collected are valuable to a wide range of industries, including agriculture, energy, logistics, and leisure. They can be used to train traditional and AI-powered weather models and leveraged by on-chain protocols that offer weather derivatives and weather insurance.

The WXM token is a critical component of the WeatherXM ecosystem governance and allows the Network to capture the value created by its data. If you think weather and climate will be in the spotlight of business, science, or politics in the years to come, this is a project worth checking out.
WeatherXM (WXM) is now available on the SwissBorg app, Wormhole bridged from Ethereum to Solana ! Buy, sell, or exchange WXM with 16 fiat currencies , including Euro and CHF. WeatherXM is a Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) of weather stations providing accurate weather data. With over 5,000 stations in 80+ countries, WeatherXM aims to be the largest weather network by 2025. SwissBorg loves promoting visionary projects, and we're excited to support WeatherXM's mission to revolutionise weather data.

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